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Take me down to the paradise city..

Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty..


24. Canada. Hotel Employee. LJ Addict. Lady Gaga. Def Leppard. Slash. Stock Icons. Road trips. Pow wows. London. Rural Canada. Milkshakes. Ancient Eygpt. Fashion. Cooking. The food network. Queer as Folk. Models. Perez Hilton. Animals. Laughing. Music. Dancing. Singing loudly. Sneakers. Camping. Lakes. Reading. Writing. Pretty pictures. Cupcakes. Downtown Ottawa. Hockey. 80's music. 90's music.Do not add me without commenting first. Do not add me if your all about slitting your wrists, Throwing up your food, or bitching about your horrid life.
My journal consists of pictures, colours, my daily thoughts or adventures, although not many of those haha. I rant about work sometimes. I post videos and meme's sometimes. I love celeb gossip. I like to also post things that people may not know about. I like to educate and bring awareness.Link One
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