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21 March 2012 @ 05:01 pm

We ordered a vacation package from a travel company for the Yukon a couple weeks ago. It came in today and Im going threw the two magazines, ughh it looks so beautiful, I'm pretty excited, I really wanna go now! At first I wasnt to excited at the idea, I would have rather went to Alaska, but I think I'll have to start saving up now!

It would probably be between september-april of next year though, so i have time!


18 January 2012 @ 08:28 pm
so the two new computers we got? im banned from them. because, you know, everythings my fault and ill just fuck them all up. that laptop that was supposed to be mine? is now my sisters even tho she just got 3 grand from osap. and yes i am sittin on my kitchen floor eatin a damn pop tart that i shouldnt eat cuz im soooo fat! and i should just stop eating all together. everything is my fault, im to blame for everything that goes wrong or doesnt work the way she thinks its supposed to. im going bat shit crazy and i have nowhere to go to get away from it and no one to talk to and i can see myself slowly breaking and i cant do anyything about it. you kno she laughed at me and made fat comments to me when we went into additionelle (plus sized store) in front of the sales girl to the point that the girl told me how rude she was when i went to the change room? how sad is that. its to the point that id rather put up with the shit at work then come home. i have no life because of her. all i do is watch her fuckin dogs

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13 November 2011 @ 02:12 pm

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

So far, my weekend is going pretty good. Friday I took a drive out to Prescott, I got bored. At one point I swerved off the road a little bit to avoid a dead deer, scared the fuck out of Indy going over the treds on the side of the road, those things are loud as hell when you go over them. She's so traumatized, she whined and barked and cried the one ride home, couldnt sit still, she paced in the truck. Poor puppy. My sister ended up getting her tongue pierced, my mom took her to some shit shop, even though i told her not to. whatever.

Saturday we woke up really early to take a drive out of town, we ended up in Oshawa, picking up Lotto Tickets and letting the dogs run around with some other puppies in a park, can't remember what its called though. haha. Had lunch at Arby's, which was actually pretty gross lol. Then we went to the little mall thats there, didnt really do much except drive around, but its a cute place. I like their houses, they look old, but cute. lol.

So that's a 5-ish hour drive, then a 5 hour drive back. Omg my ass was sleep lol. Indy wasnt really a happy camper, but she seemed to calm down and sleep about two hours into the drive. Koa for some reason just wouldnt lay down the whole way there and back until I jumped into the back seat with him, then he cuddled up and went to sleep. yup dogs are odd. Anyway I won $15 bucks on the lotto ticket i bought, plus $15 on a scratchy card. yay, Im rich. lol.

Today is my lazy day. I gotta get my laundry done and then go grocery shopping. Other then that I'm just hanging out at home today. I like sundays, I dont have to do nothing, although i was supposed to get my hair dyed today. - Dark brown and Bright red- but maybe i'll wait till next weekend.
07 October 2011 @ 06:18 pm


I can't believe it's been since May that I've posted. I'm back and I promise I will make a real effort to post at least 3 times a week from now on. Starting today. So, HI FRIENDS! I guess I have alot to fill you all in on, yes? here we go.

Summer -  This summer was awesome, I'm really happy with how it went. We got a new puppy at the begining of the summer, as of now she's 5 months old, shes a little australian sheppard/lab mix and her name is Indy. Koa likes her, but she just adores him, like a big brother, it's so cute. She did her first round of puppy kindergarden classes and was really good at them, shes so much calmer and easier to handle then Koa was at her age, I love her, shes my little muffin. We went River rafting too, now that was an experience, partially good, partially bad. I loved it at the begining, the rapids where actually pretty intense, then we stopped half way threw to have lunch, boy that was a mistake, the second leg of the trip for me was hell, I ended up hurling outside the raft three times, and twice on the way home. yep, that wasnt a fun time. We went camping twice, which is always fun. Canada day a couple of friends and I went downtown, which is always a blast. Saw the fireworks at night, ate good food, drank a little bit, then went home and worked the next morning lol. My birthday didnt go as planned, I had planned a big dinner with friends but most didnt want to come, or couldnt. So I ended up just going to the hardrock cafe for dinner with my sister, her boyfriend and one fo my friends, which was during the buskers festival, so we just watched some of that and walked around downtown, got gellato and then went home. Lil wayne concert! was amazing, our seats where perfect, he had alot of opening acts which was good, especially since we didnt pay more then 75 bucks for the tickets, i would expect it to be alot more for the quality of the show, it was really good. I splurged and got a shirt from the show too, i had to, it was to nice to pass up. Spent alot of time in Cornwall at the campground with the dogs and friends, i love that place, its my favorite place to be. I'm sure there were some other things i did, but those are the important ones lol.

WORK -  Working at the Hilton is probably the worst place to work, ever. I hate it. I can not stand the job anymore, or the people. I have no idea how I seemed to last so long at a place i hate. I'm a tough chick thats for sure. Things at work have gotten worse and worse. It's turned into Gossip Central, everyone talks shit, everyone spreads rumors, everyone throws each other under the bus. It's sickening. The amount of racism I put up with from the Philipino girls is ridiculous considering I've never said a single thing wrong to anyone there. I'm not the only white girl that gets it, we all do. They're even racist against each other concerning which area theyre from in the philipines, or whos skin is lighter tones, who has slanted eyes. It's so stupid. Finally Janet called a meeting about it a couple of days ago, and now they are walk around there with a chip on their shoulders. GET OVER IT ALREADY. When is enough, enough? Janet also hired 5 new girls in a week, by the end of that week they had all quit, she then blamed us for them quiting, we MUST be saying something to them, or treating them rudely. UM no, they just dont think the amount of work we do is worth the shitty pay. GOOD ON THEM. I wont be there much longer though, Im hoping. I emailed my old boss at Chimo because they're looking for housekeepers, Im hoping she'll give me my old job back haha.

I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! -  For real this time, No joke. I have to apply for OSAP, then I should start on Nov. 28th. I'm taking Community Services, so I can work with at risk Native youth at the friendship center here. I could also work in group homes, or community centers, which would be fine, but I'd rather work within the Native Community. I'm really excited about going back, I know I dont want to be a housekeeper forever, it was never meant to be a life long thing, I'm excited to do something I really want to do, to help people, especially kids who come from broken homes, abusive parents, drug or alcohol addicted parents and so on, I want to break the cycle. And it would be great if I can get my old job back because the school is right across the street from that hotel, a 3 minute walk.

WHATS GOING ON RIGHT NOW? - Well, as of now, the home life isnt so good. My aunts threatening to kick me out, because im "lazy" Im at work for 9 hours of the day, yet im lazy. She thinks her dogs are my responsibility all the time, when shes home. It's not. I dont mind helping out, lord knows I et up at 5:20am every morning to take them for 30 minute walks before I go to work. I feed them, I walk them with her at night. I go to training classes when they have them, but Im lazy. I clean the house top to bottom twice weekly, this place is spotless, but im lazy. Im the one that takes the garbage out every second day, yep, you guessed it, im lazy. She wont let me qit my shitty job  unless i have another one first, or she wants to kick me out. Im tired of having that over my head, because she knows I have no where to go. I cant go to my moms, shes in a 2 bedroom apartment with my sis and 5 cats. yeah that wont work. So needless to say, being at home sucks sometimes. I'm looking for an apartment, but all i can afford is a bachlor. I wouldnt be opposed to it, but we will see. It's hard, and honestly, between a shitty home life and a work life, i just feel so depressed about everything and so broken, honestly.

THANKSGIVING -  My douchebag boss actually started giving me weekends off, which is okay. Im not fussy but Im glad I will have sunday off, which is when my family is having thanksgiving dinner at my place. I get to get up early and make the dinner, and deserts! then everyone is coming over. Monday we're going out to a resturant for dinner. yay. mmmmmm pumpkin pie, candied yams and ham and stuffing. thats not even half the food im making, just the ones im most excited for! haha.